Membership Information

We are building out infrastructure to develop the Alliance, so that the organization thrives and can help to develop the benchmark standards for the industry. 

This includes a full-time governance staff, education partnerships, thought leadership, standards publication, and legal oversight, To fund these activities, we generate revenue from a few sources- dues, conference fees, and sponsorships. We also are building a platform for the industry to identify blockchain commercial partners, consultants, advisors, and investors in FreightTech and transportation blockchain startups.

Our dues are annual and paid up-front for the whole year. Your individual dues will depend on how your company is classified and the size of your organization. 

Currently we have two events planned: One is for members only in November 2017 and the other is open to the public. 

The November meeting will be focused on bringing the top minds together and to develop the early framework for industry standards. The other conference will be in May 2018 and focused on education, thought leadership, and a number of presentations from across the FreightTech landscape. 

Who Should Join

Fleets, 3PLs, and Shippers

Transportation companies are impacted by everything that happens in the industry and have a vested interest in the outcome of the technology. We encourage transportation service providers to join because their participation in standards design is critical to the success of the technology.

We also know that shipper supply-chains are impacted by their ability to get access to data from across the freight landscape. Blockchain promises to provide a chain-of-custody and usher in a world of full transparency. 


Technology Companies, OEMS, Suppliers, and Service Vendors

Companies that service the industry have an opportunity to create new business offerings, channels, and commercial outcomes. As transactions go from being strictly analog to digital, companies that adopt blockchain standards created by the Alliance can create new revenue streams.  

A lot of the issues that are brought up for blockchain to help solve involve working with a broad group of relationships. Whether it is technology, insurance, banking, finance, truck production, leasing, etc., chances are your offerings will intersect with our Alliance Members.

Startups and Investors

Innovation is the heartbeat of any emerging technology and startups are the soul. BiTA invites startups to participate as full members where they can enjoy collaboration, partnerships, networking, education and commercial outcomes. We are also building a platform to help startups find investors and capital. 

Consultants, Advisors, Universities, and Trade Associations

At the core of what we do is research, education, and thought leadership. We have special programs established for Alliance partners that can further our reach and provide resources beyond our own organization.